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Oil & Manual

Use oil per your manual typically 5w-30 or 10-30 synthetic DO NOT OVERFILL Turn off unit to check oil levels per your manual. Per Kohler 14kW is 100 hours 20kW is 150 hours 24-38kW is 120 hours 48-60kW is 150 hours Manual air cooled units
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ON/Off with OnCue?

Client Question: “I’m going out of town, can I use my OnCue remote monitor to turn generator off at night and on again in morning?” ANSWER: No, OnCue is only for starting exercise cycle… it does not have the capability to turn “ON” and “Off”.
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Turning off/on properly…

Client question, “I want to know for this power outage, tonight when we want to shut the generator down for the night, how do I do that allowing the generator to cool down before the engine shuts down?” ANSWER: Excellent question: You will hit the circuit breaker switch on the generator first. Let the unit run for about 10 minutes to cool down, then turn to the “OFF” position. In the morning, you will turn […]
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Critical: Read your owner’s manual

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for people with home automatic generators to read their manuals and understand how to work their generators. Generator companies have to go into triage mode in huge outages supporting medical, communication and emergency support providers first and most likely will not be able to supply oil changes nor spend too much time on the phone providing instructions on how to turn On/Off generator, check oil, etc. ****This […]
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