Generator “CliffsNotes”

With all the PG&E outage buzz, I’m concerned people are going to make quick decisions without a good knowledge base. Who would think people would suddenly need to know all about generators? Here are basic generator concepts you should understand: 1. Noise. Thank goodness there are noise regulations for backup home generators. Most of us remember those noisy generators on campers that parked next to us in camp sites – automatic, home standby systems have come […]



Emission Permit Information – the quick and dirty

Here is Liesl’s attempt to make a pretty complicated subject a little easier to understand. WHO? Bay Area Air Quality Management Board=BAAQMD The Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NSCAPCD) The NSCAPCD and BAAQMD are 2 of 35 California air districts established to regulate the emissions of air pollution from “stationary sources” that could be detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The NSCAPCD is the local air pollution district for the northern and […]



Survival Training

Do you know how to start/stop your generator? Do you know how to reduce your load to make your fuel last longer in an emergency situation? Do you know how to refuel your unit? After the recent fires in California, we were once again reminded that customers might have to survive on their own. Roads were closed and our technicians were not allowed on customer sites. If you had to survive on your own for […]



Rick Ramsay chosen to be West Coast Representative for Kohler.

With over thirty years of experience, Rick Ramsay, President of Leete Generators, was chosen to be a member of the newly formed Kohler Dealer Committee. This means Rick will be a key influence providing feedback directly to the Sales, Engineering and Marketing Departments at Kohler. Rick is the only West Coast representative to be chosen and will bring his expertise in California sound and emissions regulations. Did you know that the Bay Area has more […]



Did you use your generator in the last storm?

“Oh Yeah! And thank heavens because we had a 12 hour outage.” Point Reyes Station Unit: Generac “Yes it worked seamlessly on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.” Mill Valley Unit: Kohler “Using it right now!” Winery site Unit: Onan “Yes for about 12 hours.” Sebastopol Unit: Generac “We did not have to use the generator in the recent storm (despite 15 inches of rain at my house), but there was a power outage in Mill […]



“Did you have a power outage?” Our survey results…

I e-mailed our customers with the question, “Did you have a power outage in the last three weeks and depend on your generator?” 41 customers responded “yes” and their generators worked well. Most outages were 6-8 hours long. More than a few customers were out of power for 40 hours. A gas station in Sebastopol was on generator power from 4:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. during the Sunday storm. 3 wineries depended on their generators. […]



Where will you get gas, $ and food?

You are prepared for an emergency. You have a generator. Do you know what gas stations, ATM machines and grocery stores in your area have backup power? This is brilliant! Florida requires gas stations to have backup generators. I want a generator finder map for the Bay Area. I have met with emergency preparedness teams, city leaders, and other generator companies and they all think it is a great idea… but no one seems to […]