Did you use your generator in the last storm?

“Oh Yeah! And thank heavens because we had a 12 hour outage.” Point Reyes Station Unit: Generac “Yes it worked seamlessly on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.” Mill Valley Unit: Kohler “Using it right now!” Winery site Unit: Onan “Yes for about 12 hours.” Sebastopol Unit: Generac “We did not have to use the generator in the recent storm (despite 15 inches of rain at my house), but there was a power outage in Mill […]



“Did you have a power outage?” Our survey results…

I e-mailed our customers with the question, “Did you have a power outage in the last three weeks and depend on your generator?” 41 customers responded “yes” and their generators worked well. Most outages were 6-8 hours long. More than a few customers were out of power for 40 hours. A gas station in Sebastopol was on generator power from 4:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. during the Sunday storm. 3 wineries depended on their generators. […]



Where will you get gas, $ and food?

You are prepared for an emergency. You have a generator. Do you know what gas stations, ATM machines and grocery stores in your area have backup power? This is brilliant! Florida requires gas stations to have backup generators. I want a generator finder map for the Bay Area. I have met with emergency preparedness teams, city leaders, and other generator companies and they all think it is a great idea… but no one seems to […]




Liesl Ramsay is one of the woman owners of Leete Generators (right).  Liesl will be posting relevant information regarding emergency planning, question and answers, and interesting articles regarding backup power.