Emergency generator repair, 24/7. 

You don’t get the luxury of planning an emergency generator problem, that’s why we are here for you 24 hours a day. Any time day or night we can help you with your generator emergency. Follow the instructions below to page a certified Leete Generator Technician. (Please reserve paging a generator technician for true generator emergencies. Need to schedule an appointment? Email us at info@leetegenerators.com)

Instructions for paging a Leete Generator Technician:

  • Dial 707-226-4918.
  • After a series of tones, enter your phone number (including area code).
  • Wait for the message, Thank you for calling, before you hang up.
  • Wait for a technician to call you back (15 minutes).
  • Try again if you do not hear back within 15 minutes. If pager is disconnected (this is a rare occurrence, but subject to phone connectivity) please email info@leetegenerators.com or call 707 322-3324.
*Please note that overtime fees and trip charges apply (see below). A credit card deposit may be required. Please reserve emergency calls for true emergencies. 2 hour minimum charge. Please email us at info@leetegenerators to schedule mid-week appointments or to receive a call back during business hours.

You may also email at info@leetegenerators.com

TIPS: Your owner's manual has instructions on how to reset simple faults, turn generator on/off manually, oil change schedule, etc. Remember, your generator may continue to run for 15 minutes after power has been restored as it conducts a cool-down session.

Emergency call and pricing conditions 2019

  • Definition of an Emergency Call: Customer requests that Leete respond to a location for action which cannot wait for normal scheduling.
  • An emergency call is initiated once a technician is en route. A minimum charge of one hour labor will be charged for any cancellation once the emergency call has been initiated. There is a two hour minimum charge.
  • Labor charges apply to preparation, research, travel, diagnosis and repair. The base labor rate for emergency calls is $210.00 per hour, subject to change without notice.
  • Emergency calls on Sundays and holidays shall be invoiced at $280.00 per hour.
  • Emergency calls will be invoiced at $280.00 per hour during states of emergency.
Minimum 2 hour charge. Warranty does not cover emergency calls.

In addition to labor charges, the customer agrees to pay the following:  
  • Round-trip mileage. The current rate is $1.00 per mile, subject to change.
  • Parts, supplies, consumables, fuel, fuel drop services, etc. at Leete’s or subcontractor's current retail price.  
  • Hazardous waste disposal fees, freight, sales tax and other fees as applicable.
  • Standard labor rate is $140.00/hr. Please note hourly labor rates will be $150.00 starting June 1, 2019,
  • A credit card number is required to initiate emergency call. Charges must be paid within 24 hours of service. We accept Visa and MasterCard.