“Did you have a power outage?” Our survey results…

I e-mailed our customers with the question, “Did you have a power outage in the last three weeks and depend on your generator?”

41 customers responded “yes” and their generators worked well.

Most outages were 6-8 hours long. More than a few customers were out of power for 40 hours.

A gas station in Sebastopol was on generator power from 4:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. during the Sunday storm.

3 wineries depended on their generators.

The majority of the outages were in Sebastopol and Occidental.

A customer writes, “Yes, it was out a couple of times & one of the times it was out for more than 14 hours. It performed perfectly and I was very happy we had it. It has been about 11 years and it makes me happy every time the electricity goes out. I start counting & it kicks on before I reach 5. Thank you.”