Did you use your generator in the last storm?

“Oh Yeah! And thank heavens because we had a 12 hour outage.”
Point Reyes Station Unit: Generac

“Yes it worked seamlessly on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.”
Mill Valley Unit: Kohler

“Using it right now!”
Winery site Unit: Onan

“Yes for about 12 hours.”
Sebastopol Unit: Generac

“We did not have to use the generator in the recent storm (despite 15 inches of rain at my house), but there was a power outage in Mill Valley a few weeks ago and the generator performed (for a couple of hours) exactly as advertised (thanks to your repairs).”
Mill Valley: Unit: Coleman

“Yes, our generator did kick in when the power went out briefly on Friday evening.”
Ross Unit: Briggs &Stratton

“Yes we did have a short power outage last week. All went well. Thank you for checking in!”
Angwin Unit: Onan

“Power went out for an hour on Friday night and our generator worked great.”
Ross Unit: Kohler

“Yes it was on for a long time.”
St Helena Unit: Onan

“Yes, we did! Thanks!!”
Calistoga Unit: Generac

“Yes. Generator went on early Saturday morning from 1:00AM to 1:35AM.”

And a little side note…
No, we didn’t have a power outage, but Thanks for the great service!