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Simply buying off the internet is a big temptation, it seems simple, right? Far from it…
Every day we work with contractors and homeowners that have been led astray by people who simply don’t have expertise in generator power, especially when solar is involved. California regulation is essential to understand before you purchase a unit, especially in the Bay Area. TRUST is our specialty. We are not going to let you get ripped off and be misdirected.

  “Your references were glowing!” -S.S.

Want to know what we’ve learned after all these years? Leete Generators represents most major American brands of generators and transfer switches. Unlike other companies that carry only one or two product lines, we’re never tempted to sell you on “our” brand in order to make a sale.

Our Power Specialists will schedule a consultation at your site. Our team will want to understand your power needs, priorities and budget. With years of experience behind us, we know how to avoid problems.

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