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Remote Monitoring

Leete’s Remote Monitoring Services provide real-time data and automation that track a host of generator functions 24 hours a day and enables immediate secure communication and control through e-mail and phones.

What is Remote Monitoring?

When a generator performs its self test, the Gen-Tracker monitoring system verifies your generators operation. You can also view generator activity any time online. If your generator should fail, notifications will be sent according to your instructions. There is even a built-in exercise clock that can be set locally or remote activated, this means you can start and stop your generator from anywhere.

Reports include

  • Run-time
  • Faults
  • Exercise periods
  • Loss of building power
  • Loss of utility power

You can also purchase additional auxiliary contacts that read low fuel, pre-alarms, and transfer switch position.

Reducing Emergency Calls

Leete Generators finds that many expensive emergency calls are due to fairly simple failures. Remote monitoring can save you the headache and cost of generator down time by simply alerting you ahead of time when there is an issue. Leete’s remote monitoring service has you covered.

Why remote monitoring?

  • Immediate notification when something goes wrong with the generator.
  • Quick response time for emergency calls.
  • Confirmation my generator is exercising on schedule and is in top condition.
  • Automated inspection reports and records.
  • Peace of mind for second homes, and distant or hard to access sites.
  • Security system reliability.
  • Life support reliability 24/7/365.
  • Inventory protection.


How much does it cost?

Pricing is approximately $900.00 for the basic unit and $1.00/day for monitoring. These prices are based on the installation of a basic system tapped into a cellular network. Please call for an estimate. Cost varies according to location, reception, and auxiliary lines.

Is remote monitoring right for you?

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