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Let’s just say after being in business over 100 years we definitely know what makes a great generator technician. We train and hire Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) certified technicians. Read what our customers say about our technicians:


“Many thanks for the quick service. And again, Peter, your serviceman, is just superb.”


“I wanted to compliment you on that Michael fella, what a great, down-to-earth, smooth working pro!!! A great guy, did a really great job, no hitches, just an all smooth job.”


Leete Generators has been known to me for decades now and just recently, they sent out one of their technicians, Griffin, to perform service on a gen set/solar installation. The dedication which Griffin displayed is reflective of the high quality group of individuals that own and run this one-of-a-kind company. You cannot buy with money, the type of dedication and absolute resolve on the part of Griffin to solve my challenges at this project. I would highly recommend having the professionals at Leete Generators on your construction Team or if you have any generator needs at all this is the company to work with. When I purchase generators for my clients as part of a larger energy installation, I go only to Leets Generators; I don’t even entertain bids from other companies.”


“I was SO impressed by Kevin’s Survival Training, I learned so much. He started off with, ‘Tell me what you know about your gen-set…’ and took off from there.  Many thanks for the quick service. “


Leete maintains over 1,800 units at various sites. We serve major corporations, hospitals, federal state, city and county facilities, wineries, celebrity estates, department stores, communication companies, utility companies, and residences.

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