Our business comes from referrals and happy customers.

Established in 1908, Leete Generators is over 100 years old. Experience makes us industry leaders including a robust, up-to-date service and maintenance system that allows us to provide excellent customer service.

Leete Generators is a woman, family-owned small business. We were raised in the Bay Area and we strive to set an example of honesty, integrity, and friendliness to everyone we interact with.
Located in wine country, a small vineyard sits right out front of our offices and our lunches are often eaten among the grape vines. Our rescue dog, Banksy, comes to work with us everyday and her highlight is when the UPS truck drives up.

In the beginning, motors and generators were the focus. During WWII, the defense of the San Francisco Bay was essential. Jim Leete repaired submarine generators. In order to test his repairs, Jim rode along as they headed back to the Pacific Theater and was dropped off to a boat just past the Golden Gate Bridge. Jim met his wife on a bus while travelling from Santa Rosa to Larkspur. Her tiny hands caught his eye – for years she did repairs on motors because her hands were the only pair that could fit into the tiny crevices.

In 1989, Rick Ramsay (President) took over the company. Generators became the sole focus and modernization was the goal. His years of experience give him the unique ability to design customized solutions. His wife of 32  years, Liesl, is the CEO and runs daily operations. Liesl's mother, Carole, a retired RN whose focus has always been on emergency support, walks alongside in leading the company.

Leete Generators’ mission is ensuring customers have power when they need it most, powering people’s lives and livelihoods across our nation. Power. On. Always.