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Generator Solutions: Upgrades for Quieter and Cleaner Power Generation

Measuring decibel meter sound (dB) is needed to keep generators in compliance with city ordinances.

With over thirty years of experience, Rick Ramsay, President of Leete Generators, is considered one of the leading generator experts in the Bay Area. He holds certification from AEC Aeroacoustic Engineering Consultants, LLC.

Not only reducing noise, but also keeping generators air compliant



The neighbors loved this sound attenuation job!

Leete reduced the noise level on this generator 25 dBa. See the black attenuation panels in the AFTER photo?

For example, if you were in a room with a sound level of 60 dBA and you reduced the noise level by 10 dBa, the new sound level would be 50 dBA, which would be perceived as half as loud as the original level.  25 dBa is an insane difference!

This is why reducing noise can be so rewarding, as it can significantly improve the comfort and quality of life in a given environment.