Grappling with Power Outages: The Impact on California Wineries and Their Bottom Line.

Frequent power outages can pose a risk for wineries, just like other natural disasters such as hail, drought, or fire. Wineries rely heavily on consistent power supply to maintain their production processes and keep their products at optimal temperature and humidity levels. When power outages occur, wineries may experience equipment failure, spoilage of wine, and potentially a huge loss of revenue, having a serious impact on the winery’s bottom line.

Power outages during the harvest season can disrupt the processing of grapes, potentially leading to spoilage and loss of valuable crops. If the outage occurs during a critical period of the harvest, such as when grapes are reaching their peak ripeness, the impact on the quality of the wine can be even greater.

In addition, delays in harvesting can have a cascading effect on the winery’s operations, potentially affecting the timing of other production processes such as fermentation, aging, and bottling. This can lead to a domino effect of delays and production interruptions, further exacerbating the financial impact of the power outage.

Leete Generators has the privilege to work alongside a lot of wineries. During the last five years of wildfires, we have been so thrilled to see how generators have supported pump systems as well that saved countless vineyards.